Our landscape design professionals use their collective knowledge of  landscape architecture, horticulture, xeriscape planning and the ancient art of feng shui when designing a creative and efficient plan that is expertly tailored to the unique characteristics of your individual project. Our design plans are second to none and scaled perfectly to your lot's specifications which makes it very easy for a seasoned landscaper to simply follow the design plan and install your new landscape. If needed, we are more than happy to locate a landscaping company local to your area that is experienced, competent and completely able to follow the specifications of the plan. We also offer services involving soil quality and gradients, such as a 4 degree slope for optimal drainage and automatic sprinkler systems. Furthermore, a professionally drafted landscape design plan serves as an excellent sales aid for any landscaping company looking to impress their clients with stunning graphics and expertise. The end result of an expertly designed plan is increased profits along with an expanded client base. We use AutoCad, Land F/X and SketchUp software and hand rendered perspectives and sketches in our design process for residential or commercial properties and we believe that peaceful and serene outdoor spaces can be created by applying the principles of feng shui, which is a design process that works synonymously with the beauty of nature and enhances the Earthly elements of wood, water, metal and earth to achieve balance between the aforementioned elements while providing a tranquil place in nature that is inviting, relaxing and energizing.