The Feng Shuigger collective is comprised of creative landscape design professionals that have a strong background in landscape architecture, horticulture, xeriscape planning, and the ancient art of feng shui. By properly applying our knowledge of landscape design, we are able to create innovative design solutions that are expertly tailored to the unique characteristics of your individual project. Furthermore, a professionally drafted landscape design plan serves as an excellent sales aid for any landscaping company looking to impress their clients with stunning graphics and expertise.

Feng Shuigger provides landscape design services that adhere to the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and environmental responsibility. Our primary objective is to create a solid connection between the culture and the environment. Throughout the history of time, civilizations have sought dominance over the landscape, perpetually in search of agrarian and industrial wealth. However, the past 25 years have brought about the emergence of an ecologically minded approach to landscape design. The preservation and restoration of natural systems, and the even the idea of a sustainable landscape, are now incorporated into the design process. By incorporating the feng shui principles, which complement the beauty of nature and enhance all of the Earthly elements, such as wood, water, fire, earth, and even metal, we are able to create a peaceful and serene space that achieves balance within all of the aforementioned elements. However, when the design process also focuses on xeriscape principles, the need for some of these elements, mainly water, will be minimalized. The use of hardscape, drip irrigation, xeric grasses such as buffalo grass, patios, raised planting beds, and gazebos are all possible elements of a xeriscape design. Xeriscape planning is an excellent choice for those of us that are either too busy to maintain an outdoor space or happen to own property that is harder to manage, such as areas that experience a high amount of runoff. The xeriscape planning and design process should not only put landscape design aspects into order, it should also identify the specific needs of the plant species that are going to be used in the design. Of course, we will always be prone to using plant materials that are not only a perfect fit color wise, but also within the proper zone requirements of the project at hand. While man-made landscapes may not be completely natural, it is possible to make tangible and stirring connections within an everyday environment.

In short, we create highly detailed and visually pleasing landscape design plans for your home or business that precisely depict the placement of every landscape element desired for your particular project. Our staff uses a variety of computer programs such as AutoCad, Land F/X, and SketchUp along with hand rendered drawings and a vast knowledge of horticulture and landscape architecture to reach the level of professionalism expected from our clients. The palette of elements used in the design generally consists of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, rocks, metal works, water fixtures, statues, patios, gazebos, raised planting beds, or anything else your imagination desires. Additionally, we use the ancient art of feng shui, which utilizes water and rock as well as plant materials to symbolize mountains, rivers, and forests. Ultimately, we will create a serene outdoor space that will melt away the stress of the day. If you are a person on the go with limited time availability for landscape maintenance, perhaps a detailed xeriscape plan that places strong emphasis on hardscape elements and minimal water usage will be a better fit for your needs. Our crew takes great care when selecting the appropriate plant selections for your particular landscape design project by always adhering to the planting zone requirements for your region as well as the desired coloration pattern for the design to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product.