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We use a variety of computer programs such as AutoCad, Land F/X and SketchUp along with hand rendered sketches and perspectives in addition to our knowledge of horticulture and landscape architecture to deliver the level of professionalism that our client’s deserve. The design elements that we utilize in your project’s design plan generally consist of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, rocks, metal works, water fixtures, statues, patios, gazebos and raised planting beds, of course we will be more than happy to implement any additional elements that your imagination desires. We also use the ancient art of feng shui, which utilizes water and rock elements as well as plant materials such as trees, shrubs and grasses which are all creatively arranged to symbolize mountains, rivers and forests in order to create a serene outdoor space that effectively calms the spirit and melts away the stress of the day. If you are a person on the go that has a limited amount of time available for landscape maintenance, perhaps a detailed xeriscape plan that places strong emphasis on hardscape elements and minimal water usage would be a better fit for your needs. We carefully select the necessary elements of your design plan, such as shrubs, trees and flowers along with hardscape elements consisting of rocks, fixtures and fountains for your particular design project while also adhering to the exact planting zone requirements for the plants and grasses that are native to your specific planting zone as well as the desired coloration pattern for your unique landscape design plan in order to ensure your complete satisfaction with the finished product.

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Here are a couple of lovely landscaping examples to spark your creativity and imagination in regards to the design process for your unique project.

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