Feng Shuigger provides landscape design services that adhere to the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and environmental responsibility. Our primary objective is to create a solid connection between the culture and the environment. Throughout the history of time, civilizations have sought dominance over the landscape, perpetually in search of agrarian and industrial wealth. However, the past 25 years have brought about the emergence of an ecologically minded approach to landscape design. The preservation and restoration of natural systems, and the even the idea of a sustainable landscape, are now involved in the design process. By using feng shui, which complements the beauty of nature and enhances all of the Earthly elements, such as wood, water, fire, earth, and even metal, we are able to create a peaceful and serene space that achieves balance within all of the aforementioned elements. However, when the design process also focuses on xeriscape principles, the need for some of these elements, mainly water, will be minimalized. The use of hardscape, drip irrigation, xeric grasses such as buffalo grass, patios, raised planting beds, and gazebos are all possible elements of a xeriscape design. Xeriscape planning is an excellent choice for anyone that is too busy to maintain an outdoor space or happens to own property that is harder to manage, such as areas that experience a high amount of runoff. The xeriscape planning and design process should not only put landscape design aspects into order, it should also identify the specific needs of the plant species that are going to be used in the design. Of course, we will always be prone to using plant materials that are not only a perfect fit color wise, but also within the proper zone requirements of the project at hand. While man-made landscapes may not be completely natural, it is possible to make tangible and stirring connections within an everyday environment.

Peaceful and serene spaces can be created within the landscape design process by incorporating the principles of feng shui, hence allowing the chi to flow free. Feng shui works synonymously with the beauty of nature and enhances all of the Earth's elements such as wood, water, metal, fire and earth. The goal of a feng shui design is to achieve balance in these elements within your overall landscape design. The use of the ancient art of feng shui in the design process provides a tranquil place in nature that is inviting, relaxing and energizing. The strategic use of the feng shui elements, the arrangement of color, and the placement of each object or plant, plays an important role in the balance and harmony that you are striving to create. Areas and pathways laced with curves, raised flowerbeds, and various levels of rock all help the chi energy to flow through your outdoor space. With chi flowing freely, your space will be in tune with nature and provide you with the beneficial effects of positive chi energy.

It is important to follow the nine life areas of the bagua, which is your energy map, when creating a feng shui outdoor space. We do this by dividing the outdoor space into the sections of the bagua, which is also known as the pakua, and then we follow the same principles that would be applied to an indoor space.